Press Release | May 8, 2009

Appoint IT LLC Selects Scio Consulting for SaaS Product Design and Development


SAN JOSE, CA — Appoint IT LLC has announced today they have selected Scio Consulting to design and develop Appoint IT, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) appointment scheduling application for the healthcare and service industry using a proven SaaS development and delivery platform from Apprenda.

Appoint IT will be an on-demand appointment scheduling application available on a subscription basis, with an open API, and full SaaS functionality. Appoint IT LLC will be able to easily introduce innovative products with a large geographical reach, reduce costs of sales and customer support, and open a channel for more interactive communication between us and their customers.

Appoint IT’s SaaS solution will drastically reduce administrative costs in the healthcare and service industry by allowing patients and customers to schedule online appointments. In doing so it will free up internal resources so they can devote more time to customer service.

“By using Apprenda as a foundation, Scio has been able to shave off massive amounts of development time and capital requirements that would have previously been allocated to SaaS delivery intricacies. This allows Appoint IT to bring their solutions to market faster than ever before, utilizing Apprenda’s out-of-the-box functionality. Now, leveraging Apprenda, Agile project management, and our Nearshore Software Development Center in Morelia, Mexico, we are able to design and develop new SaaS applications in 3-6 months,” states Jeremy Beck, VP of Business Development for Scio Consulting.

“It is a pleasure to partner with Scio Consulting,” said Nathan Rowe, CEO of Appoint IT LLC. “We wanted to quickly make a transition into the SaaS marketplace on schedule and within budget. Scio is providing assistance with the product design and development of Appoint IT and their expertise in SaaS gives us confidence that we can get it right the first time.”

About Appoint IT LLC

Appoint IT is a Minneapolis based software-as-a-service (SaaS) company serving the healthcare and service market. For more information visit Appoint IT’s website at:

About Scio Consulting

Scio Consulting, based in San Jose, CA, is a provider of outsourced application development and consulting services to North American software companies (ISVs), leveraging its Agile Nearshore Development Center in Morelia, Mexico. With its deep experience with the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and On-Demand business models, Scio helps ISVs and Internet-based businesses bring their applications to market faster, with better quality and less risk. For more details about Scio, visit their website at