CloudAve | June 6, 2012

AppFog, Apprenda And Azure: The Future Of PaaS Is Getting Defined

Apprenda  today announced Apprenda Azure, providing enterprises with a hybrid cloud solution for .NET. With Apprenda Azure, enterprises will now be able to achieve complete symmetry between their on-premise Windows infrastructure/private cloud and Windows Azure. With this Apprenda moves from being a private PaaS player to a hybrid player…

…Apprenda has carved a niche in the .NET PaaS space and this move gives them an opportunity to compete harder as enterprises want to go beyond their own data centers. I have my own opinions on the single language and polyglot debate but, in today’s IT, there is a strong need for the single language approach and Apprenda has taken a lead over even Microsoft in the private and hybrid cloud segment. Apprenda’s platform is also built to run on multiple infrastructures. For example, they could easily support AWS Windows instances in the future if there is a demand in the industry.