Influence Marketing Council | March 28, 2017

The 50 Top Kubernetes Influencers

Kubernetes is one of the most rapidly growing open source projects today. Who are the most influential people talking about Kubernetes?

We use the tool Little Bird to do this analysis. This is #3 in our series of influencer research lists (see VMware, Google Cloud).


This isn’t a list of who we think you should follow. They’re all good people, Brant, but there are a lot of smart people talking about Kubernetes. The influencers are ranked by how many other people follow them on Twitter from this bootstrapped influencer network of 964. The tweets from these folks will be seen by the most others in this network. (The number of network followers goes from 397 for #1 on this list down to 63 for the last two.)

This list is not definitive. We ran a similar analysis in November; 38 of the top 50 on that list were present on the March list; ranks were similar but not identical. The November following network itself was smaller and could be divided into subclusters that could often be identified with vendors; the March network is larger and more homogenous.

Not all members of the list would be considered Kubernetes experts, although they are followed by other members of the network. Simon Wardley at #31, who was not present in the November analysis, is an example…

26. Chris Gaun. @Chris_Gaun. Physics nerd turned tech geek rocking @Apprenda & @Kubernetesio. Gartner cloud analyst alumnus. D&D 5e Dungeon Master.