Apprenda 5.0

Brand New UX. Enhanced Support for JAVA and Oracle. Still leading by example.

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The Deepest Support for Your Most Important Apps.
All on the Industry's Most Trusted Platform.

.NET and JAVA supported on the same Enterprise PaaS

Dynamic Scaling

With Apprenda 5.0, you have at your fingertips the industry’s first three-factor dynamic scaling capabilities. Through our gorgeous UI, a command line interface, or an API, you can manually scale your application components, define automatic scaling thresholds (based on historical trends), or schedule scaling for when you need it most.

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Enhanced Developer Logging

The best a developer will find. With Apprenda 5.0, enterprise developers have access to the most powerful and intuitive logging capabilities yet. Completely revamped developer logging includes contextual searching, log streaming, tenant specific log streams and more. Better insight means better productivity.

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Image of Rakesh Malhotra</BR>VP of Product

“We’re learning from our customers every day”

Rakesh Malhotra
VP of Product
Image of Jon Norton</br>.NET Team Leader

“Everyone does deploy: look at the deeper features”

Jon Norton
.NET Team Leader
Image of Kelly Fitzpatrick<br/>Test and Release Manager

“With the new bootstrap policies: no more scripts!”

Kelly Fitzpatrick
Test and Release Manager
Image of Tim Carter<br/>Senior Software Engineer

“Customers drove much of what we’ve done in 5.0”

Tim Carter
Senior Software Engineer
Image of Jacky Minkler<br/>User Experience Designer

“We’re leaders and we wanted to make a statement with our UI”

Jacky Minkler
User Experience Designer
Image of Eric Coonradt<br/>Software Engineer

“No one knows an application better than the developer”

Eric Coonradt
Software Engineer
Image of Drew Harris<br/>Junior Test and Release Analyst

“Without a doubt: everyone’s blood, sweat, and tears is in this”

Drew Harris
Junior Test and Release Analyst
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