Service Catalog

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Apprenda’s application platform makes sharing services across your enterprise simple, fast and secure. By enabling the creation of a centralized repository and listing of available services, developers across your organization can leverage one another’s work to improve time to market of applications.

One of the benefits of Apprenda’s PaaS is the ability to share applications and services across your organization. Apprenda enables platform administrators to curate services in a centralized service catalog. IT can set up usage policies and controls while developers get a friction-free way to access common enterprise services and capabilities.


Key Points

  • Securely publish shared services and capabilities across development teams
  • Scope visibility and access to services to specific development teams
  • Set quotas and consumption control limits
  • Self-service ability for developers to discover, provision and de-provision services

As you build your own portfolio of developer services to augment Apprenda’s built-in catalog, application development transforms into an assembly operation. That means faster time to market and fewer lines of code to maintain for your organization.