Service Broker

Apprenda automatically detects service dependencies within your application. Using the information, Apprenda will dynamically bind client requests to appropriate SOAP and REST services, managing everything from automatic discovery to call orchestration.

Multi-tier SOA and microservices style applications can be difficult to manage at scale. Services typically need to express their capabilities in a way that dependent clients can discover, ensuring that at runtime, clients can properly locate a service instance to handle its needs. Furthermore, as an application evolves across versions, ensuring consistent version matching of client requests can become difficult.

Apprenda automatically detects service boundaries and dependencies that are part of your application. SOAP and REST services are automatically versioned and registered within the Apprenda registry. Apprenda’s service broker, ensures that runtime client requests are resolved dynamically, and calls are orchestrated to target the appropriate service. Tightly integrated with Apprenda’s load distribution and HA subsystem, if service instances matching the client requests are not available, Apprenda will automatically deploy instances to ensure availability.

Key Points

  • Detection of SOAP and REST dependencies
  • Automatic late binding of requests to service targets
  • Version aware call orchestration that respects non-production vs. production boundaries

Apprenda’s ability to automatically resolve services and orchestrate calls takes all of the work out of building scalable, dynamic SOA and microservices style applications.