Self Service IT Portal

Apprenda provides central IT with a single pane of glass to view and manage resources, settings and policies associated with your enterprise PaaS

Apprenda enables IT pros to manage large numbers of servers as a single, contiguous resource pool. Using Apprenda’s self-service portal, IT can define settings and policies including security, resource consumption and auditing. IT also gets a consolidated view of infrastructure utilization to help ensure timely provisioning of new capacity based on real-time consumption of the current capacity.

Key Points:

  • Single pane of glass for managing infrastructure utilization across the PaaS deployment
  • Centralized management of security and resource policies
  • Global view of applications througout the infrastructure including the ability to migrate applications between servers
  • Consolidated view of application logs across the PaaS

Apprenda’s self-service IT portal enables centralized, efficient and secure operation of the platform enterprise wide.