Self Service Dev Portal

Apprenda’s self-service developer portal provides enterprise development teams with a friction free experience for managing applications throughout their lifecycle.

The Apprenda developer portal is designed to simplify sophisticated application lifecycle operations such as creation, deployment, scaling, patching and versioning.

Tasks which previously took hours, days or weeks are reduced to seconds.┬áDevelopers focus on their code and applications while Apprenda’s platform abstracts away infrastructure details like servers, load balancers and storage. The developer portal can also be used by teams of developers who are working together across one or more applications.

Key Points:

  • Intuitive and easy to use GUI for common application workflows
  • Role based access control for scoping operations within or across teams of developers
  • Consolidated view of all applications, application components along with their performance and resource consumption
  • IDE pluggins, command line and REST based interfaces for further automating operations

Apprenda’s self-service developer portal enables enterprise application developers to quickly and securely deploy and manage applications.