REST API & Command Line Interface

Apprenda provides developers with a powerful REST API and Command Line Interface named the Apprenda Cloud Shell (ACS). ACS and the API can be leveraged to customize the Developer experience of deploying and managing guest applications on the Apprenda Platform.

While the Apprenda Developer Portal provides a UI for developers that exposes easy application deployment and management, automation and convenience needs require a clean API and command shell that exposes the same functionality.

Key Points

  • Connect and manage multiple Apprenda instances from ACS
  • Build custom UIs using the Apprenda REST API
  • Build ACS based scripts for developer driven automation
  • Integrate Apprenda’s app management workflows with the systems of your choice

Apprenda’s application management API and command shell provide the foundation for ultimate developer convenience and flexibility. Developers can manage applications through simple single commands, or build custom UIs and automation integration to help blend Apprenda into an enterprises standard development environment.