Multi-tenant Queue

Apprenda’s on-platform multi-tenant queue support ensures that enterprise developers can leverage asynchronous messaging patterns via their favorite queues as first-class citizens of PaaS.

Modern applications rarely run on a single server, and typically, encounter very demanding scale requirements. These fundamental pressures make asynchronous messaging an important part of developing distributed, cloud-architected applications, and web-scale applications. Apprenda allows platform operators to configure a system wide queue implementation, and developers to use asynchronous message patterns through a common abstraction layer that is backed by industry standard queue implementations. Additionally, on-platform queues are enhanced for multi-tenant applications, making it trivial to deal with multi-tenancy when using asynchronous call patterns.

Key Points

  • Platform operator configurable queuing ensures standardization of queue usage across development teams in your organization
  • API based usage provides for a low friction consumption experience
  • Multi-tenancy support ensures that messages are enhanced with contextual
    information when building multi-tenant applications
  • Out of the box support for MSMQ, ActiveMQ, Tibco, and Stomp
  • Extensible to allow for the use of additional queue implementations such as RabbitMQ

Leveraging Apprenda’s on-platform queue implementation ensures that developers get low barrier access to important cloud patterns required by today’s most demanding enterprise applications.