Load Distribution and HA

Applications running on the Apprenda PaaS fabric become highly available and able to handle scaled load with no additional coding. Apprenda’s use of HTTP load balancing and custom SOAP/REST message routing ensure optimized load distribution, while the Apprenda container guarantees availability.

Today’s applications are expected to be available and scalable. This means that application architectures and the infrastructure they run on need to be equipped to deal with SLA parameters that have world-class uptime and performance demands. Applications need to be built loosely coupled so components can be scaled easily, and load distributed across multiple instances. Monitoring tools and infrastructure need to be able to detect failures and spin-up application components to guarantee not only availability, but performance that is consistent with SLA expectations.

When a standard SOA and microservices application or web application is deployed to Apprenda, it automatically inherits these qualities. Application components at all tiers can be scaled across the Apprenda PaaS fabric, ensuring proper load distribution. Additionally, components are deployed on Apprenda containers that monitor for failures and can recover automatically.

Key Points

  • Scale-out architecture for gauranteed load distribution at any application tier
  • Automatic monitoring of application failures for immediate recovery
  • Snapshots of application stack traces on HA events, complete with context for easy diagnosis
  • Developer-drive configurable minimum instance counts to define baseline capacity footprint expectations

Time to market and application production quality improvements become easy, without having to add any development or infrastructure effort.