Infrastructure Tagging

Apprenda’s custom tagging makes it easy to extend the Apprenda data model to track information related to applications and infrastructure that is important to you.

Custom tagging enables administrators to add additional properties to call core Apprenda objects. Sometimes this means tracking business data like cost centers or organization names. Other times it might mean adding technical or SLA information about applications or infrastructure. Apprenda lets you add this metadata to core objects which can be handy when you’re integrating the platform with existing enterprise systems. Apprenda application deployment policies can also use these custom properties to automatically select infrastructure mostĀ appropriateĀ for the application being deployed or scaled.

Key Facts:

  • Define or edit tags for core Apprenda objects
  • Define rules for the custom tags including visibility, allowable values, required/optional
  • Use the values of custom tags to help select infrastructure for applications and application components

Every enterprise is unique. Apprenda’s extensible custom tagging capability helps integrate and extend core capabilities of the platform to better fit specific needs.