Hybrid Cloud Capabilities

Feature Screenshot

Apprenda enables you to pool servers across multiple clouds and use policy to determine where you applications land and consume resources.

Most enterprises have multiple¬†environments where they run and manage applications. Typically this includes several geographies along with combinations of private, public or hosted resources. They often further divide each of these “clouds” by use case such as dev/test, staging and production. Apprenda enables customers to combine resources from across these clouds into a single logical resource pool and apply flexible and powerful application deployment policies. These policies can be used to automatically map applications to infrastructure based on multiple factors including use case, security, compliance, business unit, geography etc.

Key Points:

  • Pool resource from multiple clouds into a single logical resource pool
  • Define application deployment policies to map applications to clouds
  • Single pane of glass to manage resources and applications across hybrid clouds

Apprenda’s hybrid cloud capabilities provide the flexibility to efficiently map resources across public and private clouds to enterprise application portfolios.