Distributed Cache

Apprenda provides a distributed cache out of the box that automatically distributes work across multiple servers in a way optimized for the PaaS, while providing developers a seamless logical view of that cache through an easy to use API.

Storing state in cloud-architected applications is an important architectural consideration. Cloud-architected applications typically require that no state is saved in standard memory since it state would jeopardize an applications ability to be elastic and scalable. That doesn’t mean that developers are left with no option. Apprenda provides a platform native distributed cache that allows developers to store state and data in a way that is accessible by the application regardless of where it is running on the platform managed server fabric. This ensures that applications can store and retrieve state, allowing for data to be persisted while avoiding the cloud architecture pitfall of storing state in application memory.

Key Points

  • Optimized for small and medium data payloads
  • Expiration-based cache eviction
  • Cache scoping for user, tenant, application, and platform cache context

Apprenda’s out of the box distributed cache provides an easy to use way for developers to tackle the challenges of writing cloud-architected applications.