Custom Workflow Extensions

With custom workflow extensions, enterprises can tailor Apprenda operations to fit their unique requirements.

Apprenda dramatically simplifies nearly every aspect of application management. With that said, every enterprise is unique and requires their own specific customization┬áto ensure this platform benefit is fully realized. Workflow extensions enable platform operators to run arbitrary business logic at nearly every important “event” in the application’s lifecycle. This allows customers to integrate Apprenda seamlessly with existing business processes and IT systems.

Key Facts:

  • Extensive set of event “hooks” where custom workflow can be integrated
  • Easy to write and test extensions which run natively on Apprenda
  • Multi-tenant awareness of extensions to selectively execute operations

One of the key benefits of Apprenda Cloud Platform is the ability to customize it to fit your needs. Custom workflow extensions are just one way to integrate Apprenda seamlessly into your operations.