Apprenda’s resource allocation tracking provides the foundation for translating platform hosted workloads to chargeback/showback events to the lines of business leveraging the PaaS environment.

Enterprises are shifting to a new reality where their IT departments are behaving more like service providers. Rather than committing resources to a specific line of business, IT is moving to an internal utility model. To support this, Apprenda tracks resource allocations for each application and exposes that data to IT via an API. IT can then communicate that information to developers for chargeback/showback purposes.

Key Points

  • Tracking of application counts, error rates, CPU, memory and storage
  • Platform level and developer team level reporting scopes
  • Apprenda Platform Allocation Reporting API (SOAP & REST)
  • Cost definition mapping from resource policies to roll-up chargeback/showback costs

Additionally, resource allocation and utilization tracking on the Apprenda platform is designed to give Platform Administrators the real-time knowledge they need to make informed capacity-planning decisions. Likewise, the same metrics as seen through the lens of a developer team enables developers to track and make better use of the resources they consume. In the end, the data offered by the Apprenda platform allows the Platform Administrator and the Developer groups to jointly maximize efficient use of the platform infrastructure, both from a resource and cost perspective.