Automatic Web Service Tier Elasticity

Apprenda will detect usage of certain traditional SOA frameworks (e.g. WCF) and modify client –> service binding and usage to map to an elastic infrastructure model.

For example, if a web service is detected, Apprenda will detect both configuratively and programmatically defined clients by scanning configuration and binaries. All client requests are then intercepted and routed through Apprenda’s load balancers, or in the event of being deployed to public cloud, automatic routing though cloud load balancers. Those load balancers are constantly managed by the fabric with the most up to date instance information. During applicaton decomposition, Apprenda separates tier components out into individual deployable units and can route said client requests to a pool of target instances, allowing that pool to elastically grow or shrink.

This ensures that an application’s core processing tiers can be scaled independently and targeted as a load balanced collection, remediating a major cloud antipattern monolith.