Application Inventory

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Apprenda provides a single platform to run and manage your entire enterprise application portfolio. It ensures that you’ll always know what components your application consists of and where those components are running at all times.

Most enterprises have hundreds of custom applications which change significantly over months and years. It can be challenge to accurately inventory and application portfolio and determine where all of an application’s components currently reside. By centralizing your application platform onto Apprenda’s private PaaS, real-time application inventory is always available at your fingertips. Apprenda constantly tracks all applications components across the infrastructure without burdening developers or IT staff with maintaining complicated modeling or discovery tools. This greatly simplifies sharing, support, auditing, maintenance and management of your application portfolio.


Key Facts:

  • Centralized and searchable real-time application inventory
  • Breakdown any application into its individual components and understand how they are connected
  • View how any application component is mapped to underlying servers and infrastructure

They key to making smart investments with your enterprise application portfolio is understanding what you currently have. Apprenda’s private PaaS makes application inventory a feature, not an effort.