App Deployment Policies

Feature Screenshot

Apprenda application deployment policies enable you to control how applications are matched to your infrastructure within and across clouds.

While Apprenda enables the enterprise to manage large numbers of servers as a single logical resource, there are often situations where applications need to be mapped to specific infrastructure. In many cases, this is due to security, compliance or resource optimization requirements. Apprenda application deployment policies enable fine-grained mapping of applications or application components to infrastructure based upon flexible and configurable specific properties.

Key Facts:

  • Creation of policies with flexible matching logic rules
  • Ability to prioritize and sequence processing of large numbers of rules within a policy
  • Apply different policies to dev/test versus production
  • Create “hard” rules which must be honored alongside “soft” rules which are desired but not required

Instead of created multiple silos with different rules and configurations based upon business needs, Apprenda application deployment policies enable you to consolidate on shared infrastructure and use a sophisticated deployment policies to honor your specific business requirements.