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What's the easiest way to understand Apprenda?

Conceptually, Apprenda parallels the operating system or the modern day application server; it defines a concrete layer that “sits below” your application and acts as a host for your application. As a hosting layer, Apprenda manages network resources while providing an environment that allows your application to function as a service offering even if it wasn’t written as one. Furthermore, very much like your operating system might provide you a control panel, Apprenda provides a variety of tools via the web to interact with your deployed application.

Why would I want my own private PaaS? Doesn't that defeat the purpose behind PaaS?

No, it doesn’t defeat the purpose!

PaaS in general is a better operating architecture for any datacenter. Having PaaS means that developers can build better apps faster, developers can be decoupled from IT intricacies, IT can get better efficiency from any infrastructure, and interactions between end users, developers and IT staff can be standardized without compromise. Public PaaS vendors rely on these values to run their businesses efficiently and is simply the best way to run apps on infrastructure. Since it is unlikely that every organization can put all of their apps on the public cloud (security concerns, regulatory concerns, performance, etc.), Apprenda offers a PaaS software layer so developers and enterprises can take advantage of these efficiencies in their own datacenters. All of this is positive value that an organization can extract from running their own PaaS.

What's the primary value that I get from Apprenda?

Apprenda focuses on providing value in a few ways:

  1. Making developers more productive by removing the need to deal with application management tasks
  2. Making developers more productive by giving them a new but backwards compatible runtime, APIs and frameworks to build composite cloud applications
  3. Helping organizations increase value by providing a platform for modernizing most of their application portfolio to cloud with little or no effort
  4. Helping organizations acheive higher efficiency by improving utilization of infrastructure, improving utilization of server licenses, and automating complex application and IT management tasks
  5. Allowing IT to offer self-service application management and deployment to different development teams in the organization

Developers, IT Professionals, and IT Executives all benefit from the Apprenda platform.


Does Apprenda (the company) host Apprenda applications?


Apprenda’s core competency is in building powerful Platform as a Service technology. Apprenda is a new breed of cloud middleware that is licensed and installed on your own hardware, co-location space, cloud infrastructure, or any combination of infrastructure resources. Apprenda stitches your infrastructure resources together, creating a highly resilient peer to peer fabric.

Is Apprenda a grid?


Apprenda uses a distributed grid architecture to host web applications and SOA and microservices applications in a decentralized fashion, allowing for failure tolerance, easier scalability, and high availability.

How is Apprenda Express different than the standard Apprenda?

For details on the differences between standard Apprenda and Apprenda Express (in Azure, in AWS, or on-prem), you can refer to the Apprenda licensing matrix. Essentially, they are the same product with a restriction on how large a deployment you can run.