Apprenda Delivers Highly Scalable Applications and Storage with NetApp

NetApp_Compatible_150px_RGB Storage is growing exponentially and the need for easy access to storage volumes for developers is essential now more than ever. Together, Apprenda and NetApp boost performance and capacity of production applications during this time of hyper data growth. Apprenda integrates directly with the NetApp ONTAP operating system to provide flexible, yet policy-based provisioning of storage resources for developers. Programmers can now access NAS and SAN storage for scale-out needs in seconds. According to IDC, NetApp ONTAP has the largest storage operating system market share. Now, with Apprenda, developers can access the storage OS trusted most by organizations worldwide.

  • Gain application development flexibility with existing NetApp storage systems
  • Ensure versatility for applications on Apprenda. NetApp ONTAP scaling works with mixed drive types and your protocols: Fibre Channel, FCoE, and iSCSI
  • Match applications with different storage performance, capacity, and data security requirements
  • Implement many levels of high availability for applications with Apprenda. With clustered storage via ONTAP, application network storage also becomes highly available, even when the storage appliance is undergoing maintenance
  • Scale applications on Apprenda with NetApp ONTAP, utilizing instances on the platform and storage on the network

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