True Mobility for Apps with Apprenda and Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud should not be limited to where an application falls, when it is deployed: public or private. Hybrid should allow applications to move frequently between internal and external clouds based on policy, technology requirements, and business demands. Apprenda integrates with many technologies in the Azure ecosystem including Windows Server, Windows Azure Pack, Oracle Linux, System Center, SQL Server, Oracle enterprise databases, and more.

Windows Server or Linux on Azure and in the Data Center – The Apprenda resource grid can utilize capacity from compute instances running Windows Server or Linux on bare metal, virtual machines (VMs), or Microsoft Azure IaaS VMs. Containerized cloud-enabled applications on Apprenda inherit configuration, virtualization, and infrastructure independence, allowing the app to seamlessly move among Azure and the organization’s data centers. Apprenda comes with free Microsoft Azure cycles to get an enterprise’s hybrid cloud up and running.

Windows Azure Pack – A part of Microsoft’s private cloud offering, it offers the rich self-service and multi-tenant features of Microsoft Azure in an organization’s data centers. Apprenda’s plugin for WAP extends the user experience of Azure provisioning and adds PaaS enhancements to WAP that are critical for creating and managing enterprise applications. Windows Azure Pack can be used to create the infrastructure for the Apprenda platform in a self-service way, leveraging System Center technologies. Apprenda’s integration with WAP allows a tenant developer to create and manage N-Tier, cloud-enabled .NET applications that incorporate WCF and Windows services, all within Windows Azure Pack’s self-service User Interface.

  • Azure is in the “Leaders” Quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Azure and Apprenda provide hybrid deployment and orchestration 
  • Apprenda modernizes existing applications into cloud applications
  • Active Directory Federated Services Identity Integration ensures that employees can use a single identity for their applications

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