The software development lifecycle has been drastically impacted with the advent of continuous integration tools such as Jenkins CI and its enterprise-grade counterpart, CloudBees. Developers can now use Jenkins or CloudBees to push applications onto Apprenda’s testing or production environments post-build.

The integration combines Apprenda’s policy-based deployment engine with Jenkins easier deployment model, for greater compliance and speedier time to market. With the combined solution IT administrators need not worry about developers adding to virtual machine sprawl, opening up security holes or increasing the surface area for malicious behavior. By implementing policy-based controls over the infrastructure, a developer can seamlessly move their application from source to deployment via the Jenkins CI – Apprenda integration.

The Apprenda integration into Jenkins CI is a plugin designed with the standards set to extend functionality within the Jenkins CI environment. This plugin has the capability of performing:

SMART VERSION DETECTION – To prevent downtime for production applications, the plugin communicates with the Apprenda Platform whether the application is already published, and the new version is simply a new version.

TARGET STAGE DEPLOYMENTS – For software engineers with short development cycles that demand rapid changes, the Apprenda plugin deploys the version of the application into Definition, Sandbox (Test), or Published (Production).

CUSTOM VERSIONING – Developers can provide a custom prefix for the application version, allowing for branched development and testing.

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