Apprenda and Cisco have joined hands to provide best in class, end to end solutions intended to help enterprises transition to an application centric model of operation. Apprenda is Cisco Preferred Solution partner, and has the following joint solutions with Cisco:

  1. Apprenda + Cisco ACI: A policy driven secure application platform that enables organization to run dynamically isolated workloads, even when running in a distributed way. Our specially designed Apprenda Cloud Network Portal (ACNP) ensures that developers and operators are free from the manual constraints of network configuration while achieving very high isolation of their application tiers, data and networking without dedicated infrastructure.
  2. Apprenda + Cisco Metapod: A turn-key IaaS-PaaS solution that allows organizations to offer developers a self-service application runtime platform on fully managed OpenStack (Cisco Metapod). While Apprenda allows developers to have their applications up and running in minutes, Cisco Metapod breaks IT free from monitoring and operating the underlying IaaS platform.
  3. Apprenda + Cisco UCS: Apprenda is fully certified on Cisco UCS. This means that now organizations can not only plug and play applications, but can also plug and play infrastructure with ease. Enterprises are able to run Apprenda’s PaaS on top of Cisco UCS to leverage the programmability, abstraction and agility offered by Cisco’s next generation infrastructure.

Together, Apprenda and Cisco provide the best possible way for enterprises to run Cloud Native applications and also to cloud enable existing .NET/Java application workloads. Leveraging our joint solution, customers have achieved:

  • Faster time to market
  • Effortless security, governance and compliance management
  • Operation efficiency with maximized resource utilization
  • Automated elastic scaling with high service levels
  • Instant disaster recovery and high availability
  • …and more!

Interested in learning more about our joint offering? Visit www.apprenda.com/cisco, today!

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