Apprenda Brings Codeless Access Management to Applications
Using CA SiteMinder®

“The combination of CA SiteMinder® and Apprenda’s enterprise PaaS dramatically streamlines the process of building custom applications with SSO and allows them to be delivered faster, without any coding.” – Shawn Sprague, VP Product Management, Security, CA, Inc.

CA SiteMinder® is a trusted identity access and management solution used in organizations around the globe. With Apprenda’s integration with CA SiteMinder,® organizations building applications on Apprenda’s enterprise PaaS can now get their custom software to the right people automatically with a single sign-on (SSO). All applications that employees or customers have entitlements to are instantly accessible when they are on the platform—without any additional coding. The use of single sign-on with Apprenda means that applications can be accessed easily and in the manner that best fits the user: mobile, workstation, or tablet.

  • Use CA SiteMinder® for codeless access management of all applications on Apprenda
  • Enable application consumers to use one password for all apps they have entitlements to
  • Apprenda can SaaS enable existing applications and new ones (see “Driving Profit and Savings By Turning Apps into SaaS” on right)
  • Gain leading identity management solutions for access control for line-of-business SaaS solution, using Apprenda and CA SiteMinder® 

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