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Enterprise PaaS Buyers Guide

Learn How to Transition to
Enterprise PaaS for Efficient
Application Development


"With an array of options from public IaaS to private PaaS, organizations often find it difficult to discern where different cloud technologies fit. This document provides guidance on using private PaaS in an enterprise."

Chris Gaun, Global Cloud Strategist at Apprenda (Former Gartner Analyst)

What Does the
Buyers Guide Cover?


This Buyers Guide introduces key concepts, business values, and preparations necessary for acquiring and implementing an enterprise Platform as a Service tier.


  • What is Enterprise PaaS and How Does It Fit Into Cloud Strategies?
  • How Does PaaS Fit into the IT Ecosystem?
  • What is the Business Value of an Enterprise PaaS? 
  • Public PaaS vs. Enterprise PaaS
  • Organization Best Practices (by Role)
    • CIO/CTOs
    • Developers
    • Chief Software Architects
    • IT Administrators
  • External Influences – Initiatives Interacting with PaaS
  • Proof of Concept
  • Scoring, RFP, and Evaluation Criteria
  • Summary of Information to Gather Prior to the Selection of an Enterprise PaaS

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