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"The combination of Apprenda and Azure helps customers transform their datacenter into a high-efficiency application platform by incorporating public cloud resources, on their own terms."

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Apprenda for WAP - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Watch Michael Michael, Senior Director of Product Management at Apprenda, join Microsoft Virtual Academy on the topic of Windows Azure Pack and Apprenda.

Transforming the Datacenter

Apprenda’s integration with WAP allows a tenant developer to create and manage N-Tier, cloud-enabled .NET applications that incorporate WCF and Windows services, all within Windows Azure Pack’s self-service User Interface:

  • Integrate WAP & Apprenda to turn your datacenter into a self-service platform for IT and Devs
  • Drive real hybrid cloud scenarios across multiple private, public, and hosted clouds

  • Accelerate development of websites & custom apps

  • Cloud-enable existing apps without rewriting them

  • Provide a single-pane of glass to manage your PaaS based workloads through WAP

  • Enable governance policies to allow applications to securely move between internal and external clouds


Apprenda & WAP:
Better Together

Watch how Apprenda can extend WAP capabilities to provide a comprehensive enterprise PaaS in your datacenter.

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