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Apprenda and NetApp Webinar

Learn How to Accelerate
Application Time-to-Market
with Hybrid Cloud

"Accelerating Application Time-to-Market with a Turnkey Hybrid IT Platform"


What's Covered

Hybrid cloud solutions are increasingly attractive to enterprises that adhere to strict regulations yet want to achieve the agility and scalability of the public cloud.

Through real-world examples and a comprehensive demo, learn how enterprise organizations are transforming their data centers by eliminating traditional barriers between developers and IT.


Apprenda + NetApp

 Together, Apprenda and NetApp deliver a fully integrated, enterprise-grade platform as a service and data storage solution across multiple cloud platforms: private, public, and hybrid.

In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Build next-generation cloud applications faster by increasing developer productivity by 70% and improving application time-to-market by 85%
  • Accelerate IT responsiveness to manage and control applications and data across multiple cloud providers—Azure and AWS
  • Utilize API-based NetApp management and automation solutions for business-critical infrastructure and applications to reduce costs caused by downtimes or maintenance

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