SaaS Integration: What It Can Do For Your Business

Before you can understand what SaaS integration can do for you, you need to have a basic understanding of what it is. It is essentially a private PaaS, or Platform as a Service. This is what makes cloud computing, which everyone is talking about, possible. A PaaS can magically deploy an application for you and make it available to the public. A SaaS is essentially this same thing, but designed for private, rather than public, use. This benefits your organization in many ways.

First, you will have all the convenience of a PaaS without any of the restrictions that come with using a public interface. The SaaS data integration allows you to distribute applications to those within your organization safely, securely, and without configuration, allowing you to easily share applications as well. It also allows you to work from that ambiguous cloud that everyone is raving about, without the public domain.

There are many other benefits to SaaS integration. One of these is that you have a boost in infrastructure utilization. You can enjoy up to ten times as much utilization that is made available by current virtualization technology through shared operating system multi-tenancy.

Another benefit is that you remove some of the manual burdens of managing a network, because these tasks are done invisibly and automatically by the SaaS database. You can also provide software layer high availability to guest applications on the server. All of this reduces the time it takes to build an application for your organization by 50 to 90 percent.

Finally, middleware doesn’t replace anything you have currently existing on your server or network. It simply acts as an intermediary between the main server or network and devices connected to it. This means that you can still utilize all your existing hardware and software investments with the SaaS integration.

All in all, you have nothing to lose by making use of SaaS integration. In fact, you could have everything to gain. If your organization uses its own applications that need to be distributed widely to a number of individuals, computers, and devices, this may be the best solution for you. The SaaS database can be updated at any time to be used with any application, so it is a wise investment that would last years for your organization. At the least, it bears a need for careful consideration of how SaaS integration can help your organization thrive.