SaaS for Supply Chain Management

The concept of a SaaS supply chain is not a very new concept, but it’s one that a lot of people do not know about. A lot of trading partners are asking that their suppliers synchronize their product information in accordance with the global standards as well as offer some advanced shipping notices, and this is something that can be accomplished with the help of saas supply chain. These should accompany RFID tags and barcode labels.

Shipping and product information are just two elements of complexity that are going up, and these can also be helped with supply chain saas. The phenomenon that’s the big box as well as the Internet has spawned new models of behavior by consumers that have brought about new processes for supply chains that have to be supported by the manufacturers.
An example would be the suppliers of the goods that are consumer packaged to the big box retailers have to support three kinds of processing as well as fulfillment of orders:

  • Products sent to the distribution centers
  • Products sent directly to the stores
  • Orders that are ordered on the Internet sent right to the buyer

Additionally, a lot of retailers know that costs can be shifted back to a manufacturer for products that are special order, where the inventory is held by the manufacturer and then ships the items to the consumer when an order is received.

Recently in the past three or so years, costs have been cut by manufacturers and suppliers with shutting down the internal operations for their warehouse and manufacturing, then shifting it to third-party and offshore manufacturing logistics providers.

But it also will cost money when companies adhere to the global standards for the product descriptions, to share the information with the remote warehouse and manufacturing facilities, and link transactions and processes in a supply chain that is global. The expertise and infrastructure that is needed aren’t often fully understood. Because of this, the company’s total cost of ownership to manage the processes is underestimated by companies.

When a company is a supply chain, one of the things that can really help them is supply chain saas. It helps with the special needs of a supply chain and helps them to be organized. A good place to get saas supply chain is through Apprenda, a company that has the best business solutions such as SaaS and SOA that can be found on the Internet.