SaaS for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors)

As an independent software vendor (ISV), you have previously built products which you put on the market to particular markets. Now what you are looking to do is extend your market reach. The trick is doing so without putting in a ton of development time or marketing expense.

You already know that there are plenty of businesses needing a software solution that do not have the expertise or interest in installing and managing software and therefore are the perfect customer for a hosted offering. As a SaaS ISV you just need to help them find the software that will suit their needs.

There are a number of ways to deliver your ISV SaaS in a way that will increase your revenue while keeping costs down. One suggestion is to package your application with application packaging standard (APS) which will enable you to offer your applications to a larger base of end users. The APS allows ISVs to rapidly position their application using control panels.

Another way is to take advantage of a partner enablement program. Working with providers in such a program expands the market to more end users.

Utilizing the large number of service providers a company has to offer will enable you to deliver your SaaS applications much more profitably and quickly.

Even those ISV that prefer to offer the application themselves can benefit from assistance that they can receive from other companies. For example, automation can be used in the delivery of SaaS applications to increase profitability by reducing the time spent on such things as adding users, billing, provisioning applications and configuring applications. Pricing for this type of ISV service will depend on the amount of integration needed.

Since SaaS ISVs have a network of users all using the same product, it is just a matter of leveraging that network of users in as many ways as possible to reduce costs. The sad thing is so few ISVs fully master this task. It is important for ISVs to create ways for their users to gain value from each other. Using a network is in essence getting your customers to do your marketing for you.

Your customers look to SaaS as a way to reduce costs, increase flexibility, reduce IT hassles and solve a host of problems. They want an ISV that can get them what they need as effortlessly as possible. What you want is profitability, so look toward services that can enable you to increase business while keeping costs down.