SaaS for Human Resources Management

Saas for Human Resources refers to the delivery of human resources software in a cloud computing environment. The Saas delivery model for human resources software is included under the umbrella of Saas ERP Applications, since human resource functionality is typically a major component of ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. Saas Human Resources applications provide a comprehensive tool set for managing all aspects of human resources activity; including (but not limited to): applicant tracking, time and attendance management, benefits management, directory management, electronic forms processing, leave management, notices and announcements, employee self service functionality, holiday management, payroll management, recruitment and performance management. The best Saas HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems) are highly customizable, providing clients with flexible options for implementing design or functional changes without the hefty price tag typically associated with custom development. Some Saas Human Resources vendors have also expanded the functionality of their applications, adding cutting edge features such as: workforce analytics, process design control and HR compliance management tools, adding additional value to their Saas Human Resources service offerings.

Human Resources Advantages

One of the key benefits of a Saas HRMS is the ability to significantly increase the productivity of human resources staff, since many functions that would normally require input from human resources personnel can be automated or fulfilled through self service web interfaces. Tasks previously handled by human resources staff, including employee verifications, employment application processing and employee benefits administration can be effectively delivered in a self service format when Human Resources software is provided as a service, in a cloud computing environment.

Saas Human Resources applications also provide a significant cost savings over the majority of on-premise HR software applications that are typically incorporated into ERP systems. The cost factors
associated with the traditional model of Human Resources software delivery are simply unaffordable for a large number of small and medium sized businesses, making Saas Human Resources applications one
of the most valuable Saas offerings available in today’s marketplace. Organizations who subscribe to Saas Human Resources Management services available in the cloud, will be able to avoid the towering capital outlays associated with the acquisition, deployment, maintenance and replacement of on-premise Human Resources Management Software.

Saas Human Resources Management applications provide many other advantages over on-premise human resources management software solutions. Cloud based computing via the Internet is the ideal
environment for maximizing the efficiency of a variety of human resources management activities. The Saas model of delivery for human resources applications gives client organizations the power to access and manage employee information on a real time basis, with is virtually impossible under the traditional model of human resources software delivery. Saas HR applications are also highly scalable, as clients can easily and quickly implement additional features with the minimal amount of effort, providing clients with the maximum amount of flexibility as their business changes or grows.

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