SaaS Ecommerce Management Software

The growing influence of e-commerce in today’s world needs no supplement in the form of words. The global outreach and expansion possibilities provided have become a huge boon for large multi-national corporations, small-scale players, and independent entities alike. The rising trend in this era is seeing the advent of cloud network & computing, and Software as a Service (SaaS) as the leading influencers on the e-commerce industry. The promise offered by PaaS model, or Platform as a Service, is particularly notable in this context.

PaaS & E-Commerce

Platform as a Service concept uses the physical server as a platform for uploading applications that do not require any specific configurations related to server, OS, or network. The guest systems can directly use the application that is maintained by the PaaS provider, operating as the third-party. This particular aspect of SaaS e-commerce has proven to be a significant contribution to serving the needs of the public domain e-commerce. The need for establishing the IT infrastructure after incurring high capital expenditure is eliminated and the system efficiency is optimally utilized. However, the benefits have accrued primarily to small-scale users who do not require the broad-based in-built IT requirements of a large enterprise like regulatory protocols, risk management, and co-located integration.

That has been changed with the introduction of SaaSGrid, developed by Apprenda. The system caters to the needs of all types of e-commerce entities while providing them lucrative returns on investment.

Apprenda Express

Apprenda Express is a premium platform and answer for enterprise IT needs, that simplifies the development & deployment of enterprise applications, while providing the developers with high-value shared architectural capabilities to reduce the development time drastically. The application management is also streamlined through codified workflows; thereby delivering customized software, whilst promoting across-the-board development and operational efficiency.

The benefits accrued of such utilities are as significant, with magnificent reductions in application’s time to market, alongside a prominent increase in the utilization of infrastructure upto 10x beyond standard virtualization. Moreover, manual burden of network management is eliminated, and application scale-out is marginalized at all tiers. Also, the standardization in application deployment is effectual, in addition to the leverage provided by shared application services. Complete system automation is possible with reduced cost and time and the user can enhance the existing investments made on hardware, virtualization and systems management with the introduction of innovative technology like Apprenda Express.

The development of such potent tools shows the effort put in by the industry to advance the efforts of the embryonic SaaS e-commerce industry. Little wonder then that virtual world is becoming more powerful and lively than the real world!