Customer Relationship Management with SaaS

The much-acclaimed and debated technology of Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a major talking point and is being seen as the transformational force for acquiring and delivering enterprise business applications. The physical procurement & ownership model of yore is replaced by the subscription & service outsourcing concept of present times. Such is the case with customer relationship management (CRM) applications & services.


The CRM solutions offered by SaaS have made global as well as local enterprises alter their approach towards front office software solutions. Now, the users are in absolute control responding to customers and queries round-the-clock. There is no more a necessity to incur major costs on ownership or software & hardware upgradation, any extended time frames for implementation, or even the need to staff all the global offices with a huge workforce of CRM personnel.

Some concerns still exist as the benefits to various users differ. Most SaaS providers operate in public domain and cannot always be relied upon for control of such an important functionality like customer relationship, much lesser for managing the organization’s applications and data. Also, some vertical chains require modification to their software applications & usage, which is again a bottleneck for the general SaaS platforms.

To counter these apprehensions, major players like Apprenda have started developing customized PaaS technology, offering enterprise users the advantage of a secured channel for their CRM requirements. The SaaSGrid is one such utility that can be looked at for this purpose.

Apprenda Express

Apprenda Express is a superior quality utility that has been innovated for quenching the worries of enterprise SaaS users, related to data secrecy and system reliability. It provides a PaaS (Platform as a Service), which can be expended by enterprise users for developing as well as running advanced CRM applications. The utility provides top levels of security, alongside data storage space through server virtualization, but at 10x the normal virtualization.

Such modern tools for SaaS offer high-value shared architectural capabilities, without incurring any major capital expenditure, and the low cost of operations is an added advantage. As the response time is considerably reduced, the application management becomes much convenient and effective. Moreover, the risk of third-party involvement is drastically reduced, thereby leaving both the enterprise and client with topmost satisfaction levels.

With such radical & forward-looking developments in the services industry, the stage is not far when a customer has to just raise his finger sitting at home and all his queries are automatically taken care of. Wishful thinking? Modern-day Reality!