SaaS Accounting Services & Methodology

The recent concept of SaaS accounting has become a buzzword amongst the youth-oriented circle of accountants on a global scale. The SaaS here refers to Software as a Service, much unlike the Statements on Auditing Standards (SAS) – although that is another interesting table talk one can have. SaaS Accounting is the virtual deployment of any accounting software through PaaS (Platform as a Service) offerings and the use of internet.

Advantages of SaaS Accounting

In simple terms, SaaS accounting implies that accountants do not have to carry their systems to the client’s place for using the particular accounting software. Instead, these software can be used through the virtual server using any system across the globe. So, while the accountant based in London can take that extended holiday in New York, the European client in financial agony can still be served by using the latest technology. As long as any system is available, the true aspect of round-the-clock accounting firms can be maintained, and leveraged upon. However, the scruples about data leakage cannot be ignored, especially by the large and small enterprises. As the financial data is immensely invaluable for any concern, so there are specific providers for PaaS one needs to consider for secure access and usage for virtual accounting.

Apprenda offers a secure enterprise level application that can be used as PaaS for uploading the customized software and your records, using them in the virtual space.

Apprenda’s Platform

The Apprenda platform is a premium service responding to the queries & concerns of enterprise users worried about the data secrecy and server system reliability. The high-value shared architectural capabilities not only provide complete security but also reduce the uploading and analysis time drastically. Since the application management is also streamlined through codified workflows and the virtualization can make the application work with any OS, the operational efficiencies achieved are tremendously advantageous.

Apprenda can also be used for safe development of accounting software, and accounting data maintenance. As the system is fully secured, so accounting organizations can save a lot of hassles over data integrity and security, subsequently leading to lesser hair-falls and migraines. So the 24/7 global access can be obtained by logging into your account using any system, laptop or mobile, and an active internet connection. Moreover, this frees considerable space on your organizational systems thereby offering significant cost reductions on both capital as well as operating expenditures.

All in all, SaaS accounting is just the start of an iconic era of contemporary accounting, and with the innovation of capable applications like Apprenda, firms can actually improvise on their respective accounting management systems.

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