Microsoft Application Deployment via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Application deployment software facilitates the installation of software solutions on computing platforms. Today, many applications must be deployed in the cloud under the SaaS (software as a service) model of software delivery. This shift in application deployment demands innovative application deployment software that provides automated deployment and configuration tools which enable the delivery of applications as a service.

Application deployment software frequently incorporates virtualization which enables application deployment without regard to the underlying operating system the virtualization layer has been instantiated on. Application virtualization provides several primary benefits for application deployment, including: accelerated application deployment through on-demand application streaming, faster application provisioning for end users and the ability to run applications in non native environments.

Microsoft Azure as an application deployment solution

Microsoft Azure public PaaS (platform as a service) offering enables the deployment of applications in the cloud. Azure enables application deployment in the cloud through the creation of a hosted Microsoft Azure Service that implements a virtualization layer. The virtualization layer provides the Azure application owner with the tools to define the configuration and update requirements of the operating system for the virtual machine, providing full control of operations. These capabilities facilitate the migration of existing applications to run as hosted services in Microsoft Azure.

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