Benefits of Private Cloud Computing on PaaS

Current and future custom applications can be moved to a private PaaS cloud, providing notable benefits including:

Faster Time to Market

As a hosting platform layer, Apprenda manages network resources while providing a platform that allows your applications to function as service offerings. Private PaaS simplifies the process of application deployment, management and scaling, allowing for increased developer productivity. Private PaaS provides a self-service utility model that allows you to upload compiled code (Microsoft .NET), and in the simple click of a button, your applications are deployed and running. What used to take weeks or months can now be accomplished in a few minutes.

Streamlined Application Management

Private PaaS cloud solutions such as Apprenda allow you to manage all of your applications from a central place, eliminating the concern of being outside IT governance. In addition to providing commoditized platform services (e.g. caching), the Private PaaS model allows enterprise software developers to instantly access internal infrastructure. It essentially allows for improved infrastructure utilization, and removes unnecessary human configuration tasks by providing self-service interfaces.

Reduced Complexity and Increased Agility

Private PaaS simplifies application management by abstracting applications away from infrastructure and serving a common, inheritable cloud architecture, providing a critical strategic advantage in competitive markets by enabling faster deployment.

Lower Costs and Higher Computing Efficiency

Simplifying the tasks of application developers eliminates the need for time consuming configuration tasks, by offering a user-friendly “plug-and-play” interface.

The advantages of deploying a PaaS tier on private infrastructure will be especially noteworthy for businesses that need a reliable, secure way for employees to access software packages and applications. Without shared computing assets, there are fewer pathways for data insecurity.