Cloud Computing

Commerce has long been characterized by the race to find cost effective methods of developing products without having to actually purchase / own all the necessary resources needed. Even if the “cloud computing” name itself is a relatively new term, the concept has been in use for quite some time.

A More Detailed View on The Cloud

Cloud computing offers access to a multitude of services via the web, with only a minimum of client resources required. Cloud providers like Apprenda offer a complete range of applications, data storage solutions, all the processing power the client needs and strict security protocols for the high information safety.

The cloud users are able to access every type of software without installing it on their devices and thus only needing a simple network browsing application. This concept can only be seen as a substantial upgrade to the client’s capabilities without the effort of investing in an infrastructure, software licenses and the costs of having employees.

Cloud Computing Advantages

What is cloud computing in terms of real advantages compared to the common computing solutions? Depending on the needs of the client, the following may apply:

  • Data Security – providers can dedicate resources in their entirety towards this concern
  • Server and location independence – users need not worry about these huge costs and instead invest in their own business
  • Performance – better resources mean more and constant processing power
  • Maintenance – simplified because there’s no software installation required

Cloud computing offers IT managers solutions for more data storage to the dollar, greater and quicker software accessibility and cost & effort optimization.