Public Cloud Computing

There are a few models of cloud computing, and each has different benefits and practical uses. The three main types of cloud computing are public, private, and hybrid. A public cloud is one that is open to general use and access and is created by a third party company. A private cloud is one that is created by an individual or company for their private use. A hybrid cloud is one that is created and used by both third party creators and private companies or individuals.

The Characteristics of Public Cloud Computing

A public cloud can be a great option for an individual, group, or company. There are many reasons why a public cloud is useful, and all of these work together to make it such a good option. One of the reasons that a public cloud is so practical is that it allows a company or group to be able to access a whole world of shared information without having to use any sort of hardware or servers. As long as the cloud is hosted properly and set up well, the company will not have any problems accessing it.

A public cloud can be used by any company or group that wants to be able to share information. A cloud can be scaled to fit any and all company needs. Not only that, but cloud users will end up saving money and time. Instead of having to buy servers and hosting space, you simply upgrade and pay a little more for cloud space to accommodate your needs.

What to Look For In a Public Cloud

If you are considering making use of a public cloud computing option, then you need to make sure you choose one that fits all your needs and is reliable. Find an option with good and affordable prices but also with a reliable reputation. Find one that is used often by other companies or groups similar to yours, one which your friends have recommended if possible. Most of all, find one that has enough features and options for your needs. There are many options out there, and you need to consider all of them carefully.

A cloud computing service, like Apprenda can be a great way for a company or group to take advantage of public clouds. A public cloud may not be the right option for some companies or individuals, but it can be perfect in many cases.