Private Cloud

Private cloud is a type of cloud environment where the cloud software is managed by internal IT. For example, in private IaaS, internal operations installs and manages the cloud management platform (CMP) for its infrastructure. In Private PaaS/Enterprise PaaS internal operations installs and manages the PaaS software on either internal or public IaaS infrastructure. Private cloud includes private infrastructure as a service (private IaaS) and private platform as a service (private PaaS). Private PaaS is often referred to as Enterprise PaaS to indicate to the user that the software can be installed on both internal and external cloud environments.

Many public cloud providers have labeled clouds with the private moniker to avoid confusion about the shared nature of the resources. In those cases, the public cloud is isolated on the physical server and logical networking layer. Examples of such public clouds that have adopted the private cloud name include AWS Virtual Private Cloud.

Before 2015, most private cloud efforts have been exclusively focused on private IaaS. According to Gartner’s Thomas Bittman1, 95% of Private Clouds have failed to live up to the original promise. Gartner’s suggestion for organizations in 2015 is to start looking at private PaaS. According to Gartner for Technical Professionals’ 2015 Planning Guide for Cloud Computing2, “Private PaaS (Enterprise PaaS) improves developer productivity, reduces operational effort, and increases hosting density. This value proposition is too compelling for large enterprises to ignore.”

Key Points

  • Private cloud comes in two primary flavors – Private Infrastructure as a Service (Private IaaS) and Private Platform as a Service (Private PaaS)
  • Private PaaS is often referred to as Enterprise PaaS
  • Private PaaS/Enterprise PaaS can be installed on both internal and external environments. For example, it can be installed on AWS and a customer’s internal data center bare metal, virtualized, and private IaaS.
  • Private PaaS/Enterprise PaaS is not reliant on private IaaS.
  • Many organizations are using Private PaaS/Enterprise PaaS to supplement or refocus private cloud strategies.

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