Cloud Computing Certification

Cloud computing certification refers to a credentialing process that confirms an individual’s knowledge and competency in cloud computing service technologies. Cloud computing certification candidates must pass a series of cloud computing examinations that test their knowledge of various aspects of cloud computing, including: cloud computing terminology, cloud computing architecture and cloud computing management. There are two types of cloud computing certification programs: vendor specific cloud computing certification programs and vendor neutral cloud computing certification programs.

Vendor Neutral Cloud Computing Certification

Vendor neutral cloud computing certification programs focus on broad topics within the realm of cloud computing technology. Many of the certifications that are available in this category are general in nature, however cloud computing specialty certifications are also offered by the various entities who provide vendor neutral cloud computing certification programs. For example, special certifications are available to address key aspects of cloud computing service delivery such as: SOA Architecture (leading to a Cloud Architect Certification), SOA Governance (leading to a Cloud Governance Specialist Certification), Cloud Security (leading to a Cloud Security Specialist Certification) and Cloud Storage (leading to a Cloud Storage Specialist Certification).

Vendor Specific Cloud Computing Certification

Vendor specific cloud computing certification programs focus on narrow topics having to do with the design, architecture and functionality of specific web or cloud technologies. Major IT entities such as IBM and Redhat offer their own vendor specific cloud computing certification programs. Vendor specific cloud computing certification programs usually provide a list of recommended prerequisites to certification candidates, so they may properly prepare for a vendor’s cloud computing certification exam(s).

For example, many vendors list the following bodies of knowledge as precursors to taking their certification exams: cloud computing principles, cloud computing implementation concepts, cloud computing types (i.e. private, public, community, hybrid), cloud service types (i.e. software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service), cloud computing business models and cloud computing subtopics (e.g. performance, security, virtualization etc.)

Cloud Computing Partner Certification Programs

Often times, a vendor’s cloud based service offerings require a higher level of certification beyond what can be granted to an individual IT professional. For example, organizations such as SAP offer a certified partner program (i.e. SAP-Certified Cloud Services Provider) which ensures the highest level of service delivery and management of the cloud based services offered by SAP.