Cloud Computing Overview

Cloud computing is a growing idea in the world of IT, born out of the necessity for computing on the go. It brings the user access to data, applications and storage that are not stored on their computer. For a very simple cloud computing overview, it can be understood as a delivery system that delivers computing the same way a power grid delivers electricity. To the average computer user it offers the advantage of delivering IT without the user having to have an in depth knowledge of the technology. Similar to the way a consumer can access electricity without being an electrician.

Cloud Computing Overview: Understanding the Cloud

Cloud computing is the hottest purpose built architecture created to support computer users. The cloud addresses three main areas of operation:

  • SaaS (software-as-a-service)
  • PaaS (platform-as-a-service)
  • Iaas (infrastructure as a service)

By delivering this computing, storage and applications as a service, not a product, the cloud offers both a cost and business advantage. The cloud moves all these services off-site to either a contractor, or a centralized facility. Centralizing the data allows the cost to be shared amongst all the users. The cloud accomplishes what IT is always seeking to; increase computing capabilities, without having to provide a new infrastructure. The possible uses of cloud computing are exponential. Users interface with the cloud through their web browser, eliminating the need for installing numerous software applications.

Simplified Deployment and Delivery

A cloud computing overview will show how the cloud can not only simplify in house computing operations, but also change the way products are deployed to its users. A product developed with a SOA architecture, deployed by the cloud, or a PaaS, will inherit cloud behavior and capabilities. With the cloud delivery system products can be developed much more rapidly, and deployed in a much more user friendly way.

Most PaaS options have been through a public PaaS. While it does offer great value as a technology layer, cloud computing overview shows that a public PaaS does not sufficiently meet the needs of some businesses, or grant them the free reign and customization their operation needs. Apprenda delivers the high powered PaaS, without the restrictions of a public PaaS.

Businesses and organizations who wish to create a cloud computing option, either for their in house use, or for the development, deployment and running of custom application need a Platform as a Service solution. One such PaaS option is Apprenda, which offers a Private PaaS for enterprise applications.