Rapid Development and Delivery of HIPAA Compliant Mobile Apps

Dan Domkowski
Product Manager, Apprenda
Mark Stutzman
CEO, Appmobi

Why Watch?

Mobile Apps accessing backend systems can provide many benefits to healthcare organizations; remote workforces are more productive, customer service can be improved, field reps gain access to critical data typically locked behind firewalls, patient data can be accessed at the point of care, and more. However, in order to maintain HIPAA compliance, applications require proper access controls and data protection mechanisms. These controls are often time and resource-intensive to instantiate, which is why we want to make security and compliance pluggable.

Join Apprenda and Appmobi to learn how you can easily and rapidly secure existing apps to comply with HIPAA. The webinar will cover application development best practices and a live demo showcasing:

  • How to make enterprise back end systems and data available to your web and mobile app development team

  • How to secure your applications with the data encryption (E2EE, TLS/SSL), and identity and access management integrations

  • How Appmobi can be provisioned via Apprenda

  • How a secure mobile framework can be launched and implemented for new or existing apps

  • How Apprenda and Appmobi can help in addressing HIPAA requirements on-demand

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