Managing Windows Server Containers and Docker

Michael Michael
Senior Director of Product Management
Chris Gaun
Director of Marketing and Strategy

Why Watch?

Cloud Native… it’s not just for Linux anymore! Windows Server 2016 is bringing native support for Windows Server Containers and Docker. This feature update will make Windows Server a viable option for hosting .NET and other cloud native applications.

Two years ago Google released open source software based on their own internal container management system called Kubernetes. Since Google has 15 years of R&D on the topic and manages 2 Billion new containers per week,  Kubernetes has become the defacto option for managing containers at scale in the enterprise. Michael Michael from Apprenda joins us to talk about his early work with Windows Server Containers, and his use of the highly popular Kubernetes project for scheduling them!

To Be Discussed:

  • How to manage multiple Windows Server Containers
  • Building Microservices in .NET
  • Setting up multicloud environments with container orchestration
  • Reconciling traditional .NET with new containerized workloads
  • Live Demo

Presented By

Michael Michael
Michael Michael (or M2 as he’s known internally) is Apprenda’s Senior Director of Product Management. He is an experienced, detail-oriented software engineer with problem-solving and program-management skills. Many Apprenda employees believe he could one day play ping-pong professionally. Follow him on Twitter at @MichMike77.

Chris Gaun
Chris Gaun is a director at Apprenda. He formerly worked as an analyst at Gartner covering public IaaS. Before that, he was a physicist that did computational modeling in quantum chemistry. He lives in Brooklyn with his dog Panda. You can follow him on Twitter at @Chris_Gaun.

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