Kubernetes 201: Microservices, Persistence and Multiple Clusters

Joseph Jacks
Director of Product Management

Why Watch?

The first Kubernetes webinar, found here, covered the history, origins and technical architecture of this exciting open source software project that is changing the game for Internet-scale computing in organizations of all sizes. The second part of this series will go into more detail on the architectural features of Kubernetes, including their motivation and implementation. Familiarity with basic Kubernetes 101 concepts and architecture is recommended but not needed.   

To Be Discussed:

  • Storage volumes and persistence in Kubernetes
  • What is a microservice in Kubernetes?
  • Hosting multiple virtual clusters on same physical environment
  • Apprenda Kismatic: Solutions

Presented By

Joseph Jacks

Joseph is a founder of Kismatic (the enterprise Kubernetes company, now Apprenda), founder of KubeCon (the Kubernetes community conference, now owned by CNCF where he is also a founding member). He has spent the last 10 years working in high growth technology startups with a focus on enterprise software and SOA / middleware and more recently Linux container technology.

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