Kubernetes 101: Explore the Fundamentals in a Demo

Ike Arias

Why Watch?

This on-demand community webinar is a perfect opportunity for anyone from a software engineering or systems / DevOps background to learn about Kubernetes fundamentals — including the history, origins and technical architecture of this exciting open source software project that is changing the game for Internet-scale computing in organizations of all sizes.

To Be Discussed:

  • I Have My Apps in Docker Containers, Now What?
  • Kubernetes History, Origins and Architecture
  • Popular Use Cases for Kubernetes
  • Live Demo
  • Apprenda Kismatic: Solutions


Presented By

Ike Arias

Isaac “Ike” Arias is the CTO at Apprenda. He has designed high-traffic, web-scale properties for the last 20 years. The virtual goods online trading platform he invented in 1999 was used by companies like Disney, WarnerBros and the Coca-Cola Company. He has consulted for large enterprises like Time, Inc. and Johnson&Johnson on Agile Development and Digital Operations at scale. He started his engineering career in networking and telecommunications, working for AT&T/Lucent and Bell Labs. You can follow him on Twitter at @iketweets.

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