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Join our guest speaker, Paul Miller, Senior Analyst serving CIOs at Forrester, plus speakers from Cisco and Apprenda to discuss how containers and container orchestration can prove to be the key technologies for CIOs to transform their companies into digital businesses. Containers have provided developers with an easy way to build new cloud-native applications. But for CIOs who must integrate core systems of record with new growth-driving systems, containers and container orchestration tools bring a much bigger and strategic opportunity. In this webinar we will highlight ways that container based approaches already deliver value in the enterprise and why CIOs should look at these as key enablers of digital business.



Paul Miller serves the CIO role, covering cloud computing at Forrester. His research focus is the opportunity for digital transformation, enabled by cloud-based approaches that can lead companies to success in the age of the customer. Paul also looks at interdependencies between cloud and other core technologies — such as big data or the Internet of Things.

Fabio Gori is the Senior Director of Cloud Solutions at Cisco. Prior to this role, he held various leadership positions with Cisco EMEAR. Fabio started his career as software engineer and drove product marketing at Telecom Italia, before moving to Cisco as a Consulting Engineer. Fabio also has a passion for skiing and sailing.

Chris Gaun is the Director of Strategy at Apprenda. Prior to joining Apprenda, Chris was an analyst at Gartner where he covered public IaaS. Before that, he was a physicist pursuing computational modeling in quantum chemistry. He lives in Brooklyn with his dog Panda.

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