Case Study

Powering Digital Business and Interoperability

“Partnering with Apprenda saved us many years of effort, helped us deliver Intelligence Hub to the market months earlier than if we took any other approach, while focusing dollar investments on what our customers expect us to invest in – healthcare innovation. The end result is that our developers were operating at maximum productivity while delivering Hub to the market on the shortest possible timeline.”

Matias Klein

VP of Product Management, McKesson

McKesson Health Solutions (the technology division of McKesson) saw an opportunity to containerize and manage
its applications on a single modern platform that would help power its rapidly evolving digital business and provide
interoperability for its customers. The organization chose Apprenda’s cloud platform as part of the foundational
technology stack for its new McKesson Intelligence Hub™. McKesson is running a cloud enabled version of one of its
most strategic software solutions (ClaimsXten) on the platform well ahead of schedule, saving the organization
years of developer effort.

The Challenge

The pace of change in the healthcare industry is overwhelming. The migration to electronic medical records and health information exchanges have made vital information more accessible to those that need it, but numerous challenges to overcome remain. Today, we’re seeing healthcare undergo a massive transition to a value-based reimbursement model, shifting away from traditional fee-for-service models. This has put a tremendous amount of pressure on the need to innovate and provide new solutions within the industry. McKesson saw this massive transition as an equally sized opportunity to not only modernize and integrate their existing industry leading solutions in this category, but to create a new technology platform for enabling interoperability and sharing of business intelligence among healthcare applications across the entire ecosystem.

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