What Apprenda Customers like Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Signal for the Evolution of the Enterprise Market

By Atos Apprenda Support

Important Market Signals? Where??

Two years ago, the private PaaS market was made up of the world’s largest IT shops. They were thinking about public and private clouds, making pilot investments and researching how the tech would play within their enterprises. At that time,
it was unheard of for a mid-level enterprise to make an investment like this and say “hey, this is going to revolutionize the way we do IT.” It was reserved for those who had budgeted money for experimentation in forward-thinking technology.

If you look at what’s happened with private PaaS, traditionally a lot of the proof-points have been either coming from  1) organizations, like Apprenda, demonstrating large companies using their tech as the foundation for a private cloud, or 2) really big web properties using private PaaS to deal with things like web-scale. This juxtaposition is an interesting one because the changes taking place right now, in how the market is shaping up, is exactly why I believe Platform as a Service is in the midst of a breakout year. This isn’t isolated to public cloud; specifically, it’s focused on private PaaS. Why? The investments have shifted from the massive to the masses, and are being initiated by enterprises of all sizes.

All Sizes? I Need Examples!

When organizations smaller than the Global 2000, whose investments are limited to areas that are essential and must produce ROI quickly, begin to purchase private cloud tech, we see an indication that the market dynamic is changing. It’s no longer just about the strategic advantage and the forward-thinking aspects of cloud. Instead, it’s more about the “wow—this is going to save us money, time and give us new paths to innovation.”


What happens now, or a year from now?This is a topic that we haven’t seen very often in terms of public discussion. At Apprenda, we’ve been seeing our pipeline aggressively growing over the past year. This isn’t unexpected with a technology like private PaaS and the year we’ve been having – but frankly, I expected to see small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) take longer. I was wrong. The most exciting aspect of this shift has been demonstrated over the past year or so, as we’ve seen a surge of SMEs who are deploying private PaaS as an investment to solve a plethora of strategic problems within their businesses, even though they’re not the size of a Fortune 1000 company. A prime example of this is our newest SME Apprenda customer: Memorial Sloan-Kettering, one of the world’s oldest and largest private cancer centers with more than a century devoted to exceptional patient care, innovative research, and outstanding educational programs. This is the type of activity we’re seeing increasing everyday within our pipeline and new customer additions – a maturity signal for the market, a validation for the industry and our product and a signal of what’s here, and on the horizon.


If this trend continues, and I believe that it will – finding companies that have meaningful IT staff not having at least a private PaaS project in play will be the exception, not the rule. Clearly, the number of implementations will be greater just by our own accord and initiatives within our market, but this  should be viewed as an indicator that there’s going to be a rapid expansion taking place, consisting of a wide array of business sizes.

paymaster_2When I say leadership, this is what I’m talking about, and this is why Apprenda is viewed in this light. We’ve achieved these proof-points faster than anybody else; we’re out there making a dent in the market with real customers that vary in size from huge organizations, to small start-ups and everything between. The cohort of customers across these different buckets is a marker that Apprenda proves its field value in real dollars and cents terms to all customers.

We understand the market and where it’s going better than anyone else out there. We understand the varying demographics and what their needs are. We’re in a position to see and acknowledge this inflection point, and are addressing these signals sooner than any other vendor. This is why we’re excited about what this is saying for the market, both for Apprenda and other vendors, too. This isn’t a scenario playing out only for us, and it’s important to understand what it means.

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Atos Apprenda Support