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The Emergence of Machine Learning
Microsoft is hoping to boost the accessibility of machine learning technology with a new predictive analytics cloud service, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. The service is part of a movement that includes a new breed of business intelligence vendor that aims to help businesses take advantage of the increasing volume of data they collect… It’s a safe bet that Google is probably also working on a similar kind of offering, given the demand for tools that can help businesses make sense of their data.” Via Nancy Gohring, The New Stack


Google Cloud Platform Gets SSD Persistent Disks And HTTP Load Balancing
“…Google announced today, the Cloud Platform is getting two features that have long been on developers’ wish lists: HTTP load balancing and SSD-based persistent storage. Both of these features are now in limited preview and developers who want to test them can sign up…” Via Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch

CA’s New Release Simplifies Cloud Management
With the release of Cloud Service Management, CA Technologies aims to give service providers and private cloud builders a simpler and effective platform for deploying applications in cloud environments…CA’s Cloud Service Management is more evolutionary than revolutionary, as it advances the state of the art rather than reinventing existing technologies and approaches. This is a good thing, as it marks the maturation of service management, reflecting how the entirety of the cloud market is becoming more efficient and, ultimately, living up to the promise of agility, elasticity and scalability.” Via Larry Walsh, Channelnomics

Public cloud continues to mature with dedicated network access
In another sign of the maturation of the public cloud, more vendors are providing dedicated network connections to meet the needs of a growing enterprise market…And while this is a positive step, cloud maturation is still in its early stages, and enterprises want more, including load balancing and front-end optimization…However, all the added support could negate one of the biggest draws of the public cloud -cost savings.” Via Trevor Jones, TechTarget

Is Private Cloud IaaS Enough for Developer Productivity?
The IT landscape is evolving, rapidly moving toward a self-service agile model; companies are increasingly adapting by providing a service to their customers (developers) to deploy and manage their applications. Until now, it seemed do not wantlike private cloud IaaS was the magic bullet and only a few companies emerged with various tools claiming to provide a solution. These solutions ended up being simply a fancy screen in front of infrastructure provisioning in which deploying an application required a template of servers and hardware; this is NOT what developers want, and not what IT needs in the long run.” Via Erik Lustgarten, Apprenda Blog

Dedicated network connections improve hybrid-cloud performance and security
Companies, large and small, are slowly leaning towards having a presence in the cloud. Many companies are using the stepping stone approach, leveraging a hybrid cloud-computing environment to gain experience, and to work out unforeseen operational issues. To that end, the hybrid cloud is considered the best choice, allowing companies to retain some digital resources in-house while relegating other resources to a cloud-service provider. Companies using this approach have the ability to scale up or scale down as needed, along with knowing their most sensitive digital information is still completely under their control and behind their defenses.” Via Michael Kassner, TechRepublic

Cloud Caution! 7 Not-So-Frequently-Asked Questions
CIOs are moving from being builders of data centers to being brokers of services—particularly of cloud services. Forward-looking CIOs help their companies beat the competition: If IT delivery is faster, cheaper and smarter, the business can respond more quickly to market needs…To ensure that cloud computing extends your IT capabilities without tying you down, give careful thought to these questions…”  Via John Rollason, Forbes

IT Under Gun to Deliver Borderless Work Experience
For many, the modern workplace is turning into a seamless and frictionless environment that melds professional and personal lives and values instant communication and constant connectivity over hierarchy and segmentation. If you like that, you can credit technology…Information technology providers are under intense pressure to deliver highly-mobile, highly-collaborative work environments to a new breed of workers that demands flexibility and ubiquitous networking – both the data and the human kind.” Via Chris Gonsalves, Channelnomics

Government IT ‘Fundamentally Flawed,’ Researchers Say
The federal government spends more than $80 billion annually on information technology, while state and local governments spend an additional $100 billion. Yet only about 6% of large federal IT programs succeed, according to David Wyld, professor of management at Southeastern Louisiana University and coauthor of a new report that examines what’s wrong with government IT and how to fix it.” Via Elena Malykhina, InformationWeek

Are Hong Kong And Taiwan Losing Out In The Age Of The Customer?
Companies that can’t focus on winning, serving, and retaining customers will fail in the age of the customer. They will have to keep cutting costs to survive unless they can figure out why they’re losing customers. In Hong Kong’s case, even thinking about limiting the number of mainland tourists could have serious consequences for the overall economy; can’t the city’s chief executive or property developers just build a more toilets?” Via Bryan Wang, Forrester

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